JUNE 2018

Prochimica Novarese gets Bluesign certification for the first 50 products

The way started with Bluesign last 2017 led to the certification of the first 50 products that will be soon recognized and transferred also in ZDHC/GATEWAY CHEMICAL MODULE. In the steady belief that the responsible and careful use of chemistry is not opposed to a more "green" global future, on the contrary, it can become a founding element of the s



JULY 2017

BLUESIGN system partner

We are pleased to inform you that as from July 15, 2017 Prochimica is officially a BlueSign System Partner.

Firmly convinced that a responsible and careful use of chemistry is not in contrast with a more "green" global future, but even believing that it is a fundamental element of it, Prochimica has been starting since beginning of 2017 the “Blue



Prochimica Novarese has been a market leader for over thirty years in the production, marketing and post-sale assistance of chemical products for the industry, with a worldwide distribution network. Our textile department has always offered a solid support to the excellence of the Made in Italy products. Investments, technological development and the use of resources are planned respecting the environment, considering the immediate requirements, but evaluating the future consequences. Our ecological commitment constantly guides our research in the execution of processes and products which are sustainable for the environment.