March 20, 2024


Green since the Beginning: RSPO Mass Balance Palm Oil Derivatives - Pioneering Sustainable Chemistry

In a world increasingly focused on energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction and circular economy practices, the importance of eco-friendly living is more prominent than ever. The drive towards a more ecologically conscious lifestyle has become a catalyst guiding industrial efforts in research, development and the creation of increasingly virtuous and eco-friendly products.

Recognizing the vital need for a sustainable approach, Prochimica Novarese has been directing its efforts in this direction for many years. The initial step involved a shift towards researching and utilizing raw materials with improved eco-toxicological profiles. Instead of relying on non-renewable fossil fuels, Prochimica explored substances of plant origin, renewable and environmentally compatible.

This is where the adoption of Oleochemicals, including palm oil and its derivatives, became a significant class of raw materials for Prochimica Novarese. These are employed in the production of various products, such as cosmetics ingredients, textile auxiliaries, additives for plastics and various other applications.

Going beyond mere utilization, Prochimica aimed for sustainability in these plant-based raw materials, seeking products not only natural and renewable but also sourced with minimal environmental impact to avoid planet exploitation.

In alignment with this commitment, Prochimica joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a non-profit organization founded in 2004 to promote sustainable palm oil production. RSPO engages all stakeholders in the supply chain, from cultivators to processors, food companies, investors and NGOs. It has established criteria to mitigate the potential negative impacts of palm oil cultivation on the environment and communities.

Prochimica Novarese adopted the RSPO Mass Balance model, allowing every participant in the supply chain to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable production actively. By promoting the trade of RSPO-certified palm oil, Prochimica actively contributes to safeguarding the planet.

Today, Prochimica can collaborate with clients to offer RSPO-certified products, ensuring not only the use of plant-derived raw materials but also the sustainability of the entire supply chain.

For more information on RSPO, visit RSPO. Prochimica Novarese - Pioneering Sustainable Solutions.

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