Prochimica Fashion Treatments



PFT is one of the core activities of Prochimica Novarese R&D, concentrating on denim treatments and garment dyeing. Our goal is to understand, interpret and anticipate the market, using new products and new technologies.

This is realized by involving all company functions: trained chemists who study new products, lab technicians who carry out in-house and external laboratory trials and, most important, our technical sales management team which forms the vital connection between Prochimica and the end user.

A fundamental initiative was setting up our semi- industrial laundry/dyeing facility, which imitates the larger scale industrial process. Our highly specialised and state of the art laboratory can produce all kinds of special finishes, for example brushing, spray effects, resin treatments and polimerisation to name but a few.

All this, together with our highly skilled workforce, rapid reaction time and maximum professionalism make of PFT an essential and irreplaceable partner, which always listens to and carries out clients' requests. Modernizing, transforming and enhancing, using new innovative finishings and treatments to serve fashion and Made-in-Italy top quality.

In the creative laboratory of Prochimica Novarese reality exceeds imagination.



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