Exploring the World of Carded Spinning

Carded spinning is a spinning cycle designed for processing fibers that, due to their limited length or specificity, cannot undergo the combing operation and therefore do not enter the combed spinning cycle. Carded yarns are used in both weaving and knitting and are characterized not only by their relatively large count but also by less section regularity, greater fluffiness, softness, and pleasant feel to the touch. 

Various types and origins of natural and synthetic materials are conveyed in this cycle: new fibers, scraps, regenerated fibers, often mixed together to enhance the characteristics of the components. Carded yarn is suitable for numerous industrial processes and often features fancy effects, making it suitable for artisanal work too. 

To obtain a homogeneous, resistant, and regular yarn, the basic requirement is the optimal blending of the component fibers. This working phase thoroughly increases the opening of the material, simultaneously increasing its cleanliness and ensuring a good degree of blending, both in terms of the various types of component fibers and the different colors present. 

To enhance material flow during various machine passages, especially on the carding machines, and to reduce breakages, it's important to provide material oiling during the preparation phase. 

Oil application is fundamental as it increases the coefficient of interfiber friction, favoring card web cohesion and reducing friction between the material and the machine's metal seals. The mixture generally consists of lubricant, additives, antistatics, and water. 

Here are two of our specialty lubricants, certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), designed to achieve the best results in carded spinning phases: 

Texoil CR/2: Specifically formulated to lubricate and cohere fibers, this carded spinning oil is particularly suitable for fine wool and cashmere. It enables the production of highly regular yarns for knitting and weaving with reduced fluffiness, excellent strength, and high yield. 

Ecofil B/522: A versatile antistatic additive to be used in combination with our Texoil, suitable for natural and synthetic blends, reducing static charge formation and ensuring excellent spinnability. 

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