Revolutionary Sustainability in the Textile Industry: BIOTEX NATURAL OIL, NOVASOFT NATURAL K and BIOTEX PS

The textile industry is undergoing a phase of profound transformations. Sustainability challenges and increasingly stringent ecological regulations are driving companies to enhance the quality of their products and adopt environmentally friendly processes. In this perspective, natural-origin products are emerging as an interesting choice for the textile sector.

BIOTEX NATURAL OIL: Sustainable Innovation. Our patented PEG-free detergent/emulsifier, derived from vegetable-origin substances, has obtained prestigious BLUESIGN, GOTS and ZDHC approvals. With BIOTEX NATURAL OIL, forget about common ethoxylated surfactants and discover these revolutionary features:

  • Rapid Biodegradability: In just 24 hours, in biological processes, it achieves an 81% reduction in COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), far surpassing non-ionic surfactants.
  • Free from Ethylene Oxide Derivatives: With BIAS and MBAS equal to zero, it represents a true paradigm shift in terms of eco-compatibility.


Bio-based carbon content > 90% according to ASTM D6866 standard 

The results of our biodegradability tests speak for themselves:

  • After 24 hours, we have COD reductions of 84% for Lactulose, 81% for BIOTEX NATURAL OIL and only 32% for ethoxylated alcohol-based detergent.
  • After 48 hours, Lactulose and BIOTEX NATURAL OIL achieve impressive reductions of 93% and 95%, respectively, in line with activated sludge processes.

NOVASOFT NATURAL K: A Touch of Softness with a Sustainable Approach. In a context of increasingly stringent ecological regulations, our non-ionic softener based on shea butter is the answer for natural and synthetic fibers. Approved by BLUESIGN and ZDHC, it offers:

  • Natural Origin: Derived from renewable sources, free from fossil-origin raw materials.
  • Eco-Friendly: PEG/PPG-free, non-toxic, non-irritating and rapidly biodegradable.
  • Shea Butter Properties: Rich in vitamins, nourishing, moisturizing, soothing and healing

Bio-based carbon content > 90% according to ASTM D6866 standard 

BIOTEX PS: Elevate Your Textile Processes with Ecological Awareness. Our dispersing/sequestering agent, based on a sugar derivative, boasts remarkable technical characteristics and very high biodegradability. Approved by BLUESIGN, GOTS and ZDHC, it:

  • Disperses Impurities: Manages water hardness and cotton impurities with ease.
  • Prevents Precipitation: Keeps silicates at bay during bleaching processes.
  • Enhances Dye Solubility: Facilitates dye penetration and levelling.
  • Dyeing and Printing: Removes non-fixed dye, enhancing rubbing fastness.

Bio-based carbon content > 45% according to ASTM D6866 standard 

Join us in redefining the textile industry with eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. Together, we can make a difference!


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