ITMA 2015 -Milan Exhibition (Rho) Milan, Italy, STAND H8-E114

Big success and great flow of visitors to the stand of Prochimica Novarese, who presented at ITMA all their new developments. Extraordinary applications of graphene in the textile field. Prochimica with Directa Plus have exposed electrically and thermally conductive fabrics, with antistatic properties, able to dissipate or convey warmth. Thanks to



Prochimica Novarese - The developments of grephene in textile sector are published by Wired magazine

A single layer of carbon atoms arranged in hexagonal. Behind this simple structure hides the material of the future: the graphene. Read the article.


OLDFAST dyeing system

System for cationization and dyeing with selected dyestuffs for obtaining "old" effect. Very good light and washing fastness even in case of dark shades.  Brochure


Prochimica Novarese has been a market leader for over thirty years in the production, marketing and post-sale assistance of chemical products for the industry, with a worldwide distribution network. Our textile department has always offered a solid support to the excellence of the Made in Italy products. Investments, technological development and the use of resources are planned respecting the environment, considering the immediate requirements, but evaluating the future consequences. Our ecological commitment constantly guides our research in the execution of processes and products which are sustainable for the environment.